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26 January 2011 @ 01:01 am
In the beauty/makeup world, I like to say that my favourite product is a lip gloss/lip balm. They're vital in my everyday life. ♥

The second other thing that I love in the beauty department is foundation/face powder. I like how not only do they hide my horrid pimples, they also make my skin look more smoother and protects from the sun (depends if they have SPF).

Third thing is the skincare products. They're essentials to every feminine in this world. :D You need to cleanse and tone your skin each day to avoid oily skin which in the end causes wrinkles and more pimples. There's lots of skincare products that I love and the list is definitely as always, endless. :P

What about you (if you're a girl, obviously), do you like a certain beauty/makeup product/s?
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